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2023 04 28

The incredible David Harrow has done remixes of three hackedepicciotto tracks from the albums PERSEVERANTIA, MENETEKEL & THE CURRENT, which are reissued by Mute Records this week.

All three albums are available HERE.

by hackedepicciotto

"The Silver Threshold"
Out 12.11.2021


The Silver Threshold

Super, super exciting announcement:
We (hackedepicciotto) have been signed by MUTE records!
The greatest honor imaginable, we are unbelievably happy.
Our next album "The Silver Threshold" will be released by them internationally on
November 12th  2021
Here is the announcement for the first video.

You can also pre-order on our Bandcamp page and see the beautiful cover that legendary Sven Marquardt photographed
for us. The complete video can be seen here:

"The Element Of Love"
Out 14.02.2021


The Element of Love

Danielle de Picciotto’s third solo album The Element of Love will be released on Valentine’s Day 2021 by Broken Clover Records, San Francisco, via 12” vinyl LP and digital download.
Her compositions are a mixture of spoken word, electronic soundscapes and melancholic violin harmonies moving from experimental sounds to mystical melodies. Her album reflects the broken heart of our society, which has almost destroyed our planet thanks to corruption but also reminds us, that:
“We who fly to the moon and have Einstein’s theory,
Truly underestimate our own glory.”
 For the US and rest of the world please order from that way you receive the album from SF- also quicker and cheaper than from Europe!
For Europe please order on our - with fast delivery and cheap postal costs from Berlin!

Die heitere Kunst der Rebellion

“Mit “Die heitere Kunst der Rebellion” (erschienen bei Walde + Graf) hat Danielle de Picciotto mit Ihrem 2. Grafik Novel ihre frühen Berlin Jahre ab Ende 1980 bis 1995 verarbeitet. Ihr gelingt es dabei wunderbar die eigene Geschichte mit den größeren sozialen, politischen und kulturellen Ereignissen zu verflechten. Danielle de Picciotto nimmt uns mit in die Kohlekeller von Berlin Kreuzberg, auf die erste Love Parade auf dem Ku´damm und zu Afterhours ins Kumpelnest 3000, und stellt uns dabei ihre Freund:innen vor, die Protagonist:innen der heiteren Kunst der Rebellion, Künstler:innen wie Gudrun Gut, Käthe Kruse, Françoise Cactus, Dr. Motte, Roland Wolf , Westbam und viele mehr.”  Kaput Mag
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