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Danielle de Picciotto is an American born, interdisciplinary artist, living in Berlin since 1987. She was the co-founder of the Berlin Love Parade and has performed and exhibited internationally since 1989 together with Crime & The City Solution, Gudrun Gut, The Space Cowboys and her husband Alexander Hacke, founding member of Einstürzende Neubauten. Danielle has released two books, writes regular essays for culture magazines and is known for her intricate spoken word interwoven into her music. She plays the violin, hurdy gurdy and autoharp but has also always been part of the electronic music scene. Her music combines both worlds in a dreamy, experimental and unique fashion. As the interdisciplinary artist that she is, her art, which she exhibits and installs internationally in museums, galleries and cultural institutions, also accompanies her music as fantastic, interwoven visuals morphing drawings into strange shapes and forms.


Album Releases by/with Danielle de Picciotto

The Element of Love.                  solo album - 2021

THE CURRENT.                          in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2020  

Deliverance                              solo album - 2019

JOY Meditation album        in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2018

Menetekel                            in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2017

Leise Fäden                         in collaboration with Sonae - 2017

Monika Werkstatt               in collaboration with Gudrun Gut - 2017

Unity mediatation Album   in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2017

Perseverantia                     in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2016

Tacoma                                solo album - 2015

Needle at Sea Bottom        in collaboration with Alexander Hacke and Lary 7 - 2014

Ministry of Wolves              in collaboration with Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey - 2014

American Twilight              in collaboration with Crime & The City Solution - 2014

Hitman's Heel                     in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2011

The Ship of Fools               in collaboration with Alexander Hacke - 2006

Nackte Hunde                     in collaboration with Ziska Rieman - 2003

No Go                                   in collaboration with "Die Haut" - 1997

Ocean Club                          in collaboration with Gudrun Gut - 1996

Diva Mania                          Compilation/Digivalley  - 1995

Terrorist                              in collaboration with Space Cowboys - 1993

Cheerio                                in collaboration with Malaria - 1993

Locked and Loaded            in collaboration with Space Cowboys - 1991

Film releases by Danielle de Picciotto


"Crossroads" Silent Movie - 2018

"Not Junk Yet” The Art of Lary 7 - 2015

"The Glasshouse" - 2012

"How Long is Now" - 2010

"Ship Of Fools" - 2008

"On Tour with" - 2004


Book Publications by Danielle de Picciotto

"We Are Gypsies Now"  Publisher: Amok Books, Los Angeles   2015

" Der Weg ins Ungewisse" Publisher: Metrolit Verlag, Berlin 2013

“The Beauty of Transgression” Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin  2011


Films & Publications featuring Danielle de Picciotto


"Traumfänger" Film by Margarete Kreuzer October 2018

"Wilde Jahre West Berlin" Film by Margarete Kreuzer, März 2017

"Berlin Calling" Book by Paul Hockenos 2017

"Wendeklang" EIn Film über den Mauerfall und Berlin" by Felix Denk & Sven von Thülen, August 2014

"It's not only Rock'n'Roll : Sexe, drogues & sagesse du rock" by Catharine Viale & Matthias Moreau;Publisher:Laurent De Sutter 2014

"Berlin What?" Art publication, Publisher: Uwe Neu & Oliver Thoben; 2013

“Der Klang der Familie” (Suhrkamp); Oral History of Techno in Berlin, 2012

“Künstlerische Transformationen” Artreviews, Publisher: Reimer Verlag; 2010

"Do You Love Me Like I Love You: Tender Prey" – Film documentary on Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds & contemporaries by Iain Forsyth und Jane Pollard 2009

"Sub Berlin" – Film documentary about the legendary Berlin Techno-Club "Tresor" by Tilmann Künzel 2009

"In Berlin" – Berlin Film documentary by Michael Ballhaus und Ciro Cappelari; 2009

„Disorientation-Art on the margin of Contemporary“ by Travis Jeppesen 2008

„The Upset“ 2008; Art publication; Publisher:  Die Gestalten; Berlin

„All Allure” 2006 Art Publication; Publisher: Die Gestalten; Berlin

Exhibitions by Danielle de Picciotto solo/group (selection)


MOCA Indianapolis Museum of Modern Art, USA,

MOCAD Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

European House of Art Upper Bavaria – Schafhof, Germany

 Filmmuseum Frankfurt, Germany

Westwerke, Hamburg

Neurotitan, Berlin

Hinterland Gallery” Denver

“Twist Art “ Gallery, Nashville

Fuse Gallery NYC

Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg

London Museum of Art, Ontario

Artists Residency at the Czech Cultural Institute “Meetfactory” Prague with exhibition in White Cube Gallery

Artist Residency at "The Guesthouse" in Cork , Ireland

Moussontrum Frankfurt

„The Drawing Hand“ Exhibition Magda

Gallery Strychnine, London

Janine Bean, Berlin

Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, USA

Gallery Deck, Stuttgart

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